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Peter Boel was born in 1973 in Denmark. His professional career started out in health care, spending several years as an ambulance driver, caring for the disabled and finally studying the intricacies of surgical practices and procedures in medical school.

Upon further introspection, Peter shifted his gaze towards photography where he has since developed his own unique approach to subject research and professional planning by often choosing the path least taken. During this time, Peter has solidified his style as not only have a keen eye for the beauty and brutality in nature, but also an aptitude for innovation in advertising and hyperrealism in his aesthetic.

In his personal work, Peter addresses and curiously questions perceptions of power, be they abstract or evident, manmade or naturally occurring; the conclusions are not often simple. His photos not only expose this duality in his subjects but also express the humility and dignity that one would expect from a Dane.

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